Youth Academy (Ages 3-7)


The Youth Academy is for children birth year 2017 (U4)-birth year 2013 (U8) and is part of Southwest MO Rush.  It is open to players of any ability. Professional directors oversee the volunteer and paid coaches who provide training 1 time  per week, depending on the child's age. Teams will participate in 6-8 Lake Country Soccer league games mostly on Saturdays. Team shirts will be provided and medals given at the end of the season. We have fun while focusing on each player's development! Practices are beginning March 23, ending May 18.

Fall and Spring seasons are both offered and players re-register for each season.


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Key Dates:

Registration Deadline: Under 4-Under 8 (2017-2013 birth year) March 2, 2021

2014-2013 (U7-U8) Games Begin  March 27, 2021          

2017-2015 (U4-U6) Games Begin April 3rd, 2021


Fall Season Player Fee U7-U8     $105

Fall Season Player Fee U4-U6     $95


Scholarship Information  

Scholarships are available to those children who sign up as individuals who receive free or reduced school lunch. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a completed scholarship application and a copy of your child's Free or Reduced Lunch letter from school.

 Scholarship Application