Adult Indoor Session 2 April 2020

ATTENTION: The AFFINITY REGISTRATION SYSTEM that we are required to use as a member of Missouri Youth Soccer is now charging all players a $3 registration fee. This fee goes straight to Affinity for using the system. If you see a convenience fee charge on your credit card, that amount goes to Affinity, not Lake Country Soccer.

League Structure:

Games are 6 V 6 (5 players, 1 Goalie)

Maximum Roster size is 18 players

(2)  25 minute halves

8 game season

Games begin TBA


Men's Open  - Top Men's Division formerly Men's A & Men's B

Men's C - 2nd Tier of competitive Men's League

Men's D - Lowest Division of Men's League, mostly players new to the game or over 40.

Adult Coed - Men and Women, at least 2 women must be on the field at all times.

Women's Open - Ladies only division.


Adult  Indoor Info:

Registration Deadline: March 1, 2020

Non-refundable Team Deposit of $100 Due: March 1, 2019

Team Fee-$600

Individual for Team Placement Fee-$75

Balance of fees due by first game



New Team Registration              CLICK HERE 

New team registrations please contact Tawny at or call 417-862-3211

Add Player to Existing Team           CLICK HERE

Individual for Team Placement       CLICK HERE


Games may be played on any day of the week. If there is a date or day of the week your team cannot play, that must be noted in the black out date and comment section of your registration

All players must provide a copy of picture ID with birth date and be registered in the Affinity registration system to be placed on the team roster and participate in games.


For more information please contact:

Tawny Brown- League Administrator