Middle School Girls Outdoor Spring 2017

Middle School Girls Registration Now Open 

Registration       Click Here

Fees-$75 per player which includes a team t-shirt

Forms-All players must turn in a copy of their birth certificate and a signed LCS Emergency Medical & Liability Waiver in order to participate. If players participated at LCS during the past 2 years new forms are not needed.

Scholarships-Available to those players who receive Free or Reduced lunch at school. A copy of the school Free/Reduced Lunch letter is required to be eligible for a scholarship. Free Lunch players owe $15 and Reduced Lunch players owe $40.

Key Dates:


  1. Tuesday March 6, 2017- Team Designations Due (coaches must notify LCS of how many teams their school will have and in what division          (Varsity, JV1, and JV2). To clarify, JV2 is a very recreational division)

2.  Tuesday March 6, 2017 - Deadline to submit player t-shirt sizes to LCS

  • t-shirt sizes may be phoned in to Tawny ext 106 or Katie ext 103
  • t-shirt sizes may be emailed to tawnyb@lakecountrysoccer.org or katie@lakecountrysoccer.org
  • t-shirt sizes may be faxed to 862-5223 ATTN: Katie or Tawny
  • Only the total number of t-shirts needed by size are to be submitted for each team

3. MondaMarch 13, 2017 - Deadline for player registration, to submit new player birth certificates and LCS medical liability waivers,  and pay fee ($75 per player). All player documentation, scholarship forms and fees MUST be paid online or delivered to the LCS Office by this date. Fees are NOT paid to the schools.

4. Wednesday March 15, 2017- Rosters are due to LCS 

5. TBD, 2017- 6-9pm.-"Youth Certification Course", formerly the "F License" is required for all Middle School Coaches. If you have not already participated in this course please plan to attend. To register, go to moyouthsoccer.org, "Coaching" , then "Coaching Education", then "Schedule"). Find the course listed for Lake Country and register. All LCS coaches participate for free so mark check when they ask for payment.

6. Monday March 27, 2017-Middle School Girls Games Begin


*Varsity plays on Monday nights

*JV 1 plays on Tuesday nights

*JV 2 plays on Thursday nights

  • In the event of rainouts/cancellations, decisions regarding cancellations are normally made by 2:00pm in the afternoon of each game day.  In some cases, decisions are made at game time.  Cancellation notices are posted on the home page of the web site and also on the "Field Conditions and weather information" section of our voicemail system (press "4" when in the general voicemail system).



*If your school is not on this list, please call the LCS office at 417-862-3211. You will be placed on the team that is geographically the closest or one that needs players to complete their team.


Bolivar Middle School Girls+B5:D72 JV1 William Van Hoornbeek 417-234-8953
Bolivar Middle School Girls JV2 Bill & Jesse Sheppek 417- 399-5353
Branson Middle School  Girls JV1 Frank Epps 417-335-0097
  Brandon Scott  Girls Coach at Branson High
Branson Middle School Girls JV2 David Brenner 417-300-2570
Cherokee Middle School Girls Varsity Brett Peterson 206-422-2730
Cherokee Middle School Girls JV2 Jim Danzer 417-887-5739
Greenwood Middle School Girls JV2 Tom Fowler 417-818-5100
  Kathryn Bartee…….Manager 417-827-6211
  Taylor Pemberton  
  Christy Kononiuk 417-429-6200
Hickory Hills Middle School Girls JV2 Tom Fowler 417-818-5100
Jarrett Middle School Girls JV2 Eddie Florez 417-883-1895
Lebanon Middle School Girls JV2 Matt Jernigan 417-350-0507
Lebanon Middle School Girls JV2-2      mjernigan@lebanon.k12.mo.us  
New Covenant Middle School Girls JV2 Eric Crain 417-380-9264
  Steven Jeffries 417-294-7557
  Josh Harrison 417-838-9859
Nixa Middle School Girls Varsity Ben Reynolds 576-2737
Nixa Middle School Girls JV1 Darren Sutherland 417-245-0061
  Chris Brumley 417-343-2115
Ozark Middle School Girls JV1 Jason Williams 417-818-7114
Ozark Middle School Girls JV2      Jason@ariseng.com  
Pershing/ Catholic Middle School  Girls JV1 Robert Talburt 417-655-8583
Pershing/ Catholic Middle School  Girls JV2      rctalburt@gmail.com  
Pleasant View Middle School Girls Varsity David Burson Jr 417-496-0949
Pipkin Middle School Girls Varsity Billy Constantine 417-234-6900
Pipkin Middle School Girls JV1      wjconstantine@spsmail.org  
Pipkin Middle School Girls JV2    
Rogersville Girls JV2 Yvonne Feckovic 417597-0155
Willard Middle School Girls JV1 Stacy Salyers 417-496-3231
Willard Middle School Girls JV2      sssdts@hotmail.com  


For questions regarding middle school soccer, please call Tawny Brown at 417-862-3211 or email tawny@lakecountrysoccer.org.