Youth Outdoor Referee Information

2018 Spring Season Information

Outdoor Referee Assignor: Shane Kennard (click to email)

Session starts: March 17, 2018.

My plan is to publish games on Tuesdays. That means you must get your availability done by Tuesday. Please keep your availability updated. I know it can be tough...I have to do it myself for my refereeing. You have 3 days to accept games and those games will autodecline after 3 days and I'll assign them to someone else. 

Assigning Schedule (subject to change):

  • March 17-23. Assignments published March 6.
  • March 24-30. Assignments published March 13.
  • March 31-April 6. Assignments published March 20.
  • April 7-13. Assignments published March 27.
  • April 14-27. Assignments published April 3. (Tournament April 20-22, assignments made separate)
  • April 30-May 4. Assignments published April 17.
  • May 5-11. Assignments published April 24.
  • May 12-18. Assignments published May 1.
  • May 19-25. Assignments published May 8.

Pay Schedule (subject to change):

  • March 17-30 paid April 2.
  • March 31-April 13 paid April 16.
  • OCCDPC Spring Tournament paid April 23.
  • April 14-April 26 paid April 30.
  • President's Cup paid April 30.
  • April 30-May 11 games paid May 14.
  • May 12-May 25 games paid May 29.

LCS Referee Accomplishments

2018 LCS Referee Accomplishments

  • MLS preseason
  • Youth Futsal Nationals

2017 LCS Referee Accomplishments

  • NWSL regular season assignments.
  • USL regular season & postseason assignments. 
  • Open Cup 1st, 4th and semi final rounds.
  • NPSL regular season & postseason assignments
  • Development Academy regular season & winter showcase
  • President's Cup Regionals
  • President's Cup Nationals
  • Youth Regionals
  • Youth Nationals
  • Generation ADIDAS Tournament
  • MSHSAA Final Four
  • NIAA Postseason & National Championship
  • NCAA Postseason
  • For pictures & details, see below.

President's Cup Regionals

Representing Lake Country: Jordan Furnas, Chloe Lairmore, Kori Cowger, Derick Blankenship, Dan Ortega, Stephen Hoffmeister, James Emeric and Shane Cowger. Chuck Lonardo and John Hicks were assessors. 

All referees received a semifinal or final assignment. 

And Dan Ortega was selected to referee at President's Cup Nationals, July 12-16 in Auburndale, FL!

Region II Cup

Representing Lake Country: Madison Vanek, Tim Wagner, Derick Blankenship, Austin Sanders, Josh Pennington and Dan Ortega. 

The following received semifinal and final assignments at Regionals...

  • Pennington - U15 boys AR1 Semi
  • Ortega - U16 boys 4th official Semi
  • Blankenship - U13 boys 4th official Semi
  • Wagner - U16 girls referee Semi / U14 boys referee Final

And Tim Wagner was selected to referee at Youth Nationals July 25-30 in Frisco, TX!

Let Shane know of any accomplishments of our Lake Country referees and possibly we will add them here! 

Game Officials Helps

We use to assign league and tournaments at Lake Country. Please email Jeff Kollmeyer if you need help with your login credentials. 

Below are tutorials to help you make the most of Game Officials. Click the list button on top left corner to see the list of tutorials to find the one that will help you the most.